Bully Box

The Bully Box

The bully box is a way for students to anonymously report incidents of bullying in our school. It is located in the hallway across from the counseling office. You can report incidents of Bullying by filling out the form provided on the bully box or by filling out this form on the link below:

What is a bullying?
A pattern of repeated behavior that is meant to hurt someone and has an imbalance of power. Not every instance of mean behavior is bullying.  Bullying has these criteria:

not teasing back and forth, not a 2-sided argument, one side has more power
    *On purpose- not on accident 
    *Repeated- not a one time name call or harassment
    *Hurtful- can take three forms:
            Physical: hitting, spitting, stealing or damaging belongings
Verbal: threats, lying to cause trouble, name-calling
Psychological: intimidation, social exclusion, spreading     rumors

If it's not bullying what is it?  Use the chart below:

Please use this link to submit a Bully Referral Form