Macon R I School Special Ed. Overview

Macon R I Schools Special Education
Program Overview

The Macon County R I Special Education Program is governed by a comprehensive set of policies and procedures which assure full compliance with the provisions of PL94-142 and IDEA.  The District's Compliance Plan is available upon request to anyone contacting the Special Education Department. 

The Macon County R I District offers a variety of  Special Education Programs.
                                            We serve students 3year olds  through 12th grade.

Early Childhood Special Education: 

As of Dec. 1 2014 count ECSE served 29 students. There are two teachers, a paraprofessional and a part time speech pathologist that work with these students.  This is a cooperative among Callao, Bevier, Atlanta, LaPlata, Macon County R -4 and Macon County R I.  Macon County R I being the lead school.  This program serves students with special need in the 3 to 5 year range.  Students attend either a morning or afternoon 2 and 1\2 hour sessions, or they receive itinerant services in their home or other preschool sites. One teacher does center based instruction, and one teacher works with the itinerant model, visiting homes and other preschool sites for instruction. 

The Macon County R I District offers the following programs at the High School, Middle School and Elementary levels.

1.         Three classrooms for students diagnosed as Severely Developmentally Delayed (SDD).  (One for our elementary students and one for middle school students and one for high School)

2.         Resource classrooms for students needing individual and small group instruction.

3.         Class with-in a Class model for students who are able to be included in the regular education classroom for instruction.  In this model there is a regular education teacher and a special education teacher teaching cooperatively.

4.         Supplemental instruction, involves using a paraprofessional in the regular education classroom to make the accommodations and modifications necessary for the IEP student to progress.

5.         Related Services:  Macon County R I School District offers Speech\Language Therapy through two full time speech pathologists.  We contract OT and PT services for our qualifying students.

6.         Macon County R I cooperates with other service provider organizations as the need arises.

7.         Macon County R I offers a Work Cooperative program at the high school level. 

8.         Macon County R I participates in Medicaid Administrative Claiming and Direct Services Medicaid Claiming.

As of Dec. 1, 2014 count:
Elementary has  61 students being served by three special education teachers, four
paraprofessionals, one personal paraprofessional, two full time speech pathologist. In our elementary SDD program we have one teacher and 2 paraprofessionals.

Middle School has 31 students being served by three special education teachers, 1 personal paraprofessional  and three paraprofessionals.

High School has 38 students being served by three special education teachers, three  Paraprofessionals and one personal paraprofessional.