Bus Routes

Macon Public Schools Bus Information


The Transportation Department of the Macon County R-1 School District has announced tentative time schedules and bus routes for the 2022-23 school year and those have been emailed out to parents. Please call Jeff Scantlin at 660-385-2197 option 5 if you did not receive your student’s bus information.



The Macon Public School system is happy to provide the safest transportation possible for your child.  To make sure that we maintain this safe transportation we must all work together as one unit.  To enhance the safety there is only ONE pick up and ONE drop off point for each student.  We ask that you not call in bus changes unless it is an extreme emergency.


      The school has a major part in this system, but no less important are the parents, drivers and children.  Good cooperation between all will help establish a rapport that can make your child’s experience on the bus a beneficial one.


      All schools will release at 3:25 pm for the 2022-23 school year. Reminder that all Kindergarten through 1st grade students require an adult must be present at drop off. Unless the child has older siblings on the bus or a release has been signed.


      It will be necessary to make minor changes from time to time before firm scheduling can be established.  It would also save time for the bus drivers if the students would be prompt and orderly, when loading and unloading.  Parents and students are reminded that it will be policy of bus drivers to not wait unless students are in sight.


      ALL STUDENTS WHO RIDE A BUS MUST HAVE A TRANSPORTATION ARRANGEMENT ON FILE.  Parents should have filled out their student’s transportation arrangements as part of the online registry, returning registration or during new student enrollment.



  Parents and students are reminded to call the Transportation Office at 385-2197 when their children will not be riding the MORNING bus. There is a person in the Transportation Office at 6:30 a.m.  If a student does not ride and does not call two mornings in a row, the bus will not be picking up that child until the parent informs the Transportation Office they would like to resume morning pickup.  Also, if road conditions are hazardous because of ice, mud or snow, please inform us by using the same means as above.  Parents may want to review the student handbook on bus conduct boarding and unloading procedures and other information that would be helpful to insure their child’s safety.


BUS NO. 1 – Driver, Doyle Cook.
BUS NO. 2 – Driver, Danny Moore. 
BUS NO. 3 – Driver, Keith Maloney
BUS NO. 4 – Driver, Lorena Dysart. 
BUS NO. 5 – Driver, John McVicker. 
BUS NO. 6 – Driver, LeWain Dysart. 
BUS NO. 7 – Driver, Paul Shrum. 
BUS NO. 8 – Driver, Kurt Howell.
BUS NO. 9 – Driver, Laremy Vass. 
BUS NO. 11-Driver,Adam Steeves.    
BUS NO. 12-Driver Kyle Bealmer.    
BUS NO. 15-Driver Paul Shrum.
BUS NO. 16-Driver Adam Steeves/Rick Palmer.



      Permission for any pupil to ride in a bus is conditioned on his or her good behavior and observance of the following rules and regulations.  Any pupil who violates any of these rules will be reported to the transportation director and/or school administration.  Students can be denied the privilege of riding a bus to and from school.


  1. Be on time at the bus stop. Avoid running to catch the bus because you may slip and fall under the vehicle. While waiting for the bus, stay clear of the roadway to avoid being hit by passing cars.


  2. Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before trying to board and if you must cross the road, wait for your driver to signal you across with his or her hand. Always cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus.


  3. When necessary, there will be at least three persons in a seat, and the practice of saving seats for students getting on at other stops will not be allowed.


  4. After boarding the bus you must remain in your seat until the bus reaches your designated stop.


  5. Please use handrails when getting on or off the bus. Be extra careful when the weather is wet or icy, as steps can become very slippery.


  6. Treat bus equipment as you would the furniture of your home. Any damage to bus seats, windows, etc., must be paid for by the student responsible for the damage.


  7. Keep the aisle clear of items; such as musical instruments, etc. If you must carry personal items on the bus with you, please hold them in your lap or store them under the seat.


  8. At no time will a student put their hands, head or other body parts out the window.


  9. Do not be loud or boisterous on the bus. Excessive noise can distract the driver and could result in a serious accident.


  10. Be absolutely quiet at all railroad crossings. Your driver stops at railroad crossings to listen for oncoming trains. Your talking could drown out all warning signals.


  11. Do not throw paper or other objects out of the bus windows. This could obstruct the view of an oncoming vehicle and result in an accident or cause the driver to have to stop very suddenly, causing injury to passengers.


  12. No eating on the bus.Loose papers or food on the floor may cause a slipping hazard.


  13. A driver has the responsibility to correct any student on the bus for improper conduct.This includes improper language, use of tobacco and un-necessary noise.


  14. Drivers have the authority, given by the School Board, to enforce all bus rules.Any student refusing to obey these rules will be reported to school authorities and may lose his or her bus riding privilege.


  15. Remember, your driver is only human, so greet him or her cheerfully each time you board the bus and give him or her to the same respect you would give your teacher.


  16. If a child does not ride the bus in the mornings, and does not inform the Transportation Office two mornings in a row, the bus will not be returning to pick up the student until contact is made from a parent.