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1.      The bus driver is in charge of the pupils and the bus. Any student who does not obey the driver promptly and in an orderly manner will be reported to the corresponding building Principal with a signed statement and the parents will be notified of the misconduct. Pupils who continue to break the rules of proper bus conduct will lose the privilege of riding the bus.  

2.      The bus driver MUST see an adult for all Kindergarten and First Graders unless an older sibling is present, or a release is signed by a guardian. 

3.      Students must be on time; the bus cannot wait beyond its regular schedule for those who are tardy.  

4.      Students should never stand in the roadway while waiting for the bus.  

5.      Unnecessary conversation with the driver is prohibited.  

6.      The bus driver has the right to assign students to a particular seat and enforce proper conduct.  

7.      Students must not extend arms, head or objects from bus windows at any time, nor is anything to be thrown out of the bus. Windows can only be lowered to the specified height as indicated by the driver.  

8.      Students are to remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop and the bus driver has opened the door to depart the bus.  

9.      Any damage to the bus should be reported to the driver at once.  

10.   Students who must cross the road to board or leave the bus must do so only by signal from the driver and then cross in front of the bus.  

11.   Students will not be picked up or let off at places other than designated stops.  

12.   If a bus rider does not ride for two consecutive days, the bus will no longer be stopping at their stop until the transportation office is notified.  

13.   The use of profane language or tobacco will not be permitted.  

14.   Students are permitted to depart buses only when reaching their destination.  

15.   The eating of food and drinking beverages is not permitted on buses.  

16.   Any plants must be enclosed in a paper or plastic bag.  

17.   Horseplay of any kind shall not be permitted on the bus.  

18.   No animals, weapons, glass, more than one balloon, or any object that could be harmful to students or driver (or obstruct the driver's line of sight) are allowed on the bus.