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Welcome Message

Dr. Thomsen, Superintendent of Schools 

As Superintendent of the Macon R-1 School District, I want to express my gratitude for being a vital part of our school family. I could not be more pleased and honored to be serving as your Superintendent. My commitment to the district and to all of you is to serve each student, staff member, the Board of Education and our community in a way that honors traditions, as well as keeping an eye toward growth and future needs. This is an exciting challenge and one that I fully dedicate and embrace. As I think about aligning my core values, I look at our Macon’s mission to being a district in which creates an educational standard of excellence for our community while impacting our future—one student at a time.

We believe in this mission and strive to provide an education that fosters curiosity, a strong work ethic, and a sense of belonging and purpose within society. To support our students, we offer classes tailored to their academic needs, including enrichment programs that push them beyond “good enough.” It is our responsibility to ensure all students meet and exceed the high expectations set by their families, school, and community.

Our goal of nurturing lifelong learners begins with offering courses, subjects and activities that spark genuine curiosity to help each student discover their passion. One of our primary goals is to create an environment where every high school student can engage in an extracurricular activity that complements their academic pursuits. We believe that passion for a subject makes learning more enjoyable and authentic.

Public education's core principle is contributing positively to society. By developing a strong work ethic and a sense of community in our students, we prepare them to be active and integral members of their communities as adults. The lessons on work ethic and caring for ot hers taught in elementary and secondary classes are consistently reinforced in our classrooms, preparing our students to be the leaders of the next generation.

Above all, I value relationships and working with people. I prefer face-to-face conversations and will always take the time to listen and understand. Relationships are built on trust, and as your superintendent, I commit to earning your trust by being visible, responsive to your concerns, and maintaining an open-door policy.

We are excited to have you and your children as members of our school family. Our aim is to help you achieve the dreams you have for your children. Thank you for your trust in us. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do to support you and your family.


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      What Sets Us Apart

      Students, faculty, and staff of the Macon County R-I School District strive to create an educational standard of excellence for our community by impacting our future – one student at a time. Through our academic and extra-curricular programs, we strive to create a well-rounded educational experience for our students by attending to their intellectual, personal, social, and emotional development. What sets us apart from other districts…

      Macon Elementary School
      *Leader in Me program 
      *Dedicated behavior interventionists

      Macon Middle School
      *The Tiger Way

      Macon High School 
      *44 hours of dual credit available for students
      *Tiger Traits
      *Award-winning band program receiving Exemplary (I) ratings since 1974

      Macon Area Career and Technical Education Center
      *8 programs in addition to Agricultural Education and Family and Consumer Science
      *Matriculation agreements