About Mrs. Howell, MHS LMS
Mrs. H.
My name is Mrs. Howell, and I am your Library Media Specialist at Macon High School. I am a self-proclaimed book nerd, with a constant To-Read pile calling my name (rainy day reading is the best!). I am working on my 19th year of teaching, with 10 years of my career being a high school English teacher, five years a K-2 librarian, and now as a high school librarian.

You might often find me reading novels of the Dystopian type. Zombies, flash floods, crumbling societies, etc. But really, I like to read a little bit of everything. I enjoy murder mysteries, sci-fi adventures, coming-of-age stories, and humorous 1st peson perspectives.  I also like non-fiction--reference/fact books, cookbooks, and memoirs.  

My ultimate goal is for our library to contain a little something for everyone. Please let me know your recommendations and wish lists. Come and visit us anytime! 

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