Tiger Alerts!


We have a new service available to parents and students of Macon R-1 Schools. It is called “Tiger Alerts”.

Tiger Alerts is a communication service that will enable Macon R-1 Schools to deliver important messages directly to your cell phone, wireless PDA or computer. Messages will be sent to notify you of various school events, such as school closings due to weather, early dismissals, cancellations of athletic practices or games due to weather. If you participate in this program, you will receive a notification through your personal cell phone of important events that are out of the ordinary. To participate in this program you must enroll at the following website. http://my.textcaster.com/ServePopup.aspx?id=1233 

Follow the signup instructions on this website. Select all of the groups that you would like to receive messages about. A family with a high school student might want to select the high school group and softball if their daughter was participating in softball. After enrolling you will receive an authorization code on your phone. Enter it into the correct field. The next step is confirmation about your enrollment.
Please check your cell phone plan for any text message fees your wireless provider may charge. This is a SPAM-free application. Your name and personal contact information are protected and will remain private. You may Unsubscribe or Change Message Preferences anytime by clicking on the link above.

If you have any questions about this service please call the school building office that your child is enrolled in for more information.