What is a Counselor?

Did you know?

“Guidance Counselors” are a thing of the past and are now called “School Counselors”.  Why? Because the title "Guidance Counselor" is very outdated. We may GIVE guidance, but we actually implement Comprehensive School Counseling Programs for ALL kids through the delivery of school counseling curriculum, individual student planning, and responsive services, along with system support activities. Our role has evolved enormously!

What is a School Counselor?

As a school counselor, I am an educator trained in school counseling, just as other educators are trained in math, science, or language arts. My goal is to develop, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive school counseling program designed to meet the needs of ALL students.

Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Assistance provided to some students who may need help to overcome social and/or emotional concerns that interfere with learning.

Group Counseling

A support group for students who share a common concern.  Parent permission is required to participate.

Classroom Lessons

All classroom lessons are taught with the intention to assist students with academic, social-emotional, and career development.  Elementary 5th grade  lessons are taught within the Specials rotation. Classroom lesson weeks are split between the school counselor and the library/tech rotation. Middle School lessons are taught through push in times with other classroom teachers.

How can a student see the counselor?

  • Students self referral. 
  • Staff referral
  • Parent referral- through calling or emailing

About Our School Counseling Program

The Macon School Counseling program is a comprehensive program designed to help students with their overall academic experience and to assist with personal growth. Students will work with the school counselor through classroom lessons, small-group sessions, and individually as needed. Macon’s counseling program gives students the opportunity to further their academic, social, and emotional development. The main goal of the counseling program is to assist students in learning the skills and attitudes necessary to be successful learners and productive citizens.


The rules of confidentiality for counselors are very different from those of teachers. Confidentiality is important to maintain a trusting relationship with students.  Students are told that what they tell Mrs. Toll is private unless someone is hurting them, they are hurting themselves/others, or someone is in danger. Only then will Mrs. Toll tell someone in order to ensure they are safe and receive the help they need. If a student discloses information deemed crucial to a child's safety or well-being, the student is informed that his/her parents must be notified.