School Citizenship

Macon R-1 School Citizenship Policy

This policy is for the purpose of giving direction in determining if a student of the Macon County R-1 Schools meets the citizenship standards required to represent the school in any activity other than the regular school day. A regular school day is to be defined as a day in school without any deviation from the normal routine of classes. A major objective of nay activity is to teach and promote good citizenship.

It is important that there be a written policy concerning good school citizenship so the people responsible for certain activities the administration and the Board of Education can work equally and fairly with all students.

Students participating in any activity other than the regular school day, should be aware and informed of the contents of this policy that could have an effect upon them. This should be done prior to the participation of the student. It will be the responsibility of the individual in charge of the activity to make sure the student is informed prior to participation.

A. Athletics:

1. Students must comply with MSHSAA regulations.
2. Students must comply with the training rules set by the coaching staff of the Macon County R-1 Schools. These rules are to be in writing and each athlete is to receive a copy.
3. A coach may suspend an athlete for on game but must inform the principal. In some cases where suspensions for the season or semester is necessary the superintendent and principal shall be included. Parents are to be informed of any suspensions.
4. An athlete may be suspended from participating in an event or events and still be required to remain in practice for future participation.

B. Good Citizenship Policy

The type of citizenship exhibited by any student that is in good standing with the school, community and society. Any student whose character or conduct is such as to reflect discredit on his/her school, team or organization would not be considered a creditable school citizen. This conduct could lead to suspension from school or an activity and an individual could not represent the school during this time. The breaking of training rules, class behavior, disrespect for school employees, truancy, or any encounter with officials of the community or state could result in the above penalty. This policy is designed and written as a guide and is by no means all inclusive. The school shall be the judge of character or conduct as it may reflect discredit on the school, team or organization.

C. Other Organizations

Most organizations do not have or need training rules, but should have rules of conduct and responsibilities. These rules should be in written from and each member of the organization informed of the rules and responsibilities, and the effect they could have on them as individuals.