Extra Curricular Guide

Guidelines for Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are any school sponsored activity
that takes place outside of regular school hours.

Following is a list that should be observed by sponsors, students and parents to improve communication and avoid possible misunderstandings.

  1. Students are under the direction of the sponsor or coach.
  2. Students are to be on time for scheduled practices, events or performances.
  3. When the activity is away from the home school, students are to ride school-provided transportation to and from the activity. The only exception is the parent must see the coach or sponsor in person to give an acceptable reason, and make other arrangements.
  4. If a student desires to participate in athletics they must have on file in the coaches office a form stating they have school insurance; covered by a family policy or the parents or guardian will provide their own coverage.
  5. The students are responsible for taking care of the equipment and uniforms that are checked out to them. If lost or destroyed through carelessness of the student, the student will be charged the replacement cost.
  6. Poor citizenship in school or out of school may result in being removed from an extra-curricular activity.
  7. If a student misses class on the date of a contest without being excused by the principal, he/she shall not be considered eligible on that date.
  8. High School Academic Standards: Every student must earn two and a half (2.5) units of credit in the preceding semester and be enrolled in two and a half (2.5) the current semester to be eligible.
    Middle School Academic Standards: Any student who failed more than two scheduled subjects, shall be ineligible the following semester regardless of promotion to a higher grade (Academic eligibility is determined by
    the previous semester).
  9. For a student to be excused from practice, he/she must have a written note from their parents stating the reason. The coach or sponsor will have the authority to evaluate the excuse to determine if it is excused or unexcused.
  10. Doctor's excuses will be honored at all times. A coach or sponsor may insist that a student stay at practice to observe. At no time shall the student be allowed to participate until released by the doctor.