Welcome to the Macon Elementary School!

My Goals as Macon Elementary Principal

My top priority as an educator is to enable students to be successful learners and develop their individual strengths. My professional and personal background have given me the ability to relate to and advocate for the needs of all students concerning differentiation and the importance of each individual student regardless of his or her ability level.

I want Macon Elementary to be a safe environment for your child to take risks, grow socially and emotionally, love learning and develop into a lifelong learner with a sense of pride and purpose for him or herself.  My goal is to support teachers, students, parents and the Macon community as we work together to help all students have academic success.


I encourage you to contact your teacher with questions and concerns as needed. Communication is a priority at all levels. Aside from you, no one knows your child better than their teacher. Discussing a problem with the teacher will often alleviate the issue immediately. You are also welcome to contact me if you have questions about school policies, schedules, or have issues occurring before or after school. We hope to communicate through our website, Facebook, newsletters and Textcaster.

We hope to have your support as parents and guardians.

Please read with your child and model reading from a variety of sources.  Providing a specific area at home for homework, in which paper and pencils are easily accessible, is important. Spending time simultaneously with a quiet activity, such as reading, paying bills, even cooking supper may help your child stay on-task and complete his or her homework with more success.

Students who are well-rested and encouraged to value the learning process will undoubtedly apply themselves more in the school setting. While we focus on helping students show respect, to be caring, have responsibility and have honesty, we realize these traits become more permanent when also fostered and promoted at home. I look forward to meeting and working with your child and getting to know your family. Thank you for sharing your child with us.

Grant Opportunities

Successful grant writing is a skill set that I hope to both utilize as an administrator and facilitate among faculty. As a community member or business partner, if you are aware of grants our school might benefit from, please make sure we are aware of these opportunities.

Susan Hazen, Elementary Principal



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